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resistthis's Journal

22 May 1982
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lets talk about me for a minute...
I've got...

More questions than answers,
More limitations than liberations,
More rage than reason,
More energy than patience.

I am an activist in every sense of the word, I cannot remain passive or calm in the face of injustice or in the face of the obvious distress of a loved one or friend. I am a tesla coil, and as unfettered as I am energetic.

I am high energy and high strung.

I have few calming forces and too many triggers.

I need to learn control.
I need to learn to relax and calm.
I need to learn to listen and wait.
I need to learn that I am not invincible.
I need to learn that I can help, but also that I can hinder.
I need to learn to restraint.
I need to learn that not all obstacles can be cleared head first and at speed.
I need to learn that I can be a weapon or a life raft for those that I love.
I need to learn that not everything happens on my terms.
I need to learn restraint.
But I dont want to.

I am far more than I believe I am, and far less as well