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In an age where the politics of fear are ever more pervasive and prevalent, it takes brave men and satire to punch a hole in the mindless and devisive fear mongering.

Bravo to the Chaser for exposing not only the farce of the security for APEC, but its flaws.

This stunt demonstrates that the rhetoric about 'real and present danger' is nothing but that, rhetoric, and that even those beating the divisive drums of fear dont take themselves seriously enough to implement genuine security procedures.

APEC security crackdowns are naught but a political stunt.

Frankly, I'm inspired, and my faith in this country to not fall blindly into step with our paranoid and over sensitive friends from the US has been restored.
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Well I havent said anything for a while, so lets do an updatey thing.

In the time since my last update:

I finished uni.
I went onto the books as a full time employee (sick leave and annual leave for the win!!! )
I went on a date or three. (none of them went anywhere afterwards, c'est la vie)
I played a lot of rugby, I got a black eye (playing rugby), it was awesome, and HUGE and I had to custom make the phantom of the opera mask I wore to Jo's 21st because all the other phantom masks go on the side where I didnt have a black eye.
I watched a lot of motorsport! CASEY STONER - AWESOME!!!
I saw Transformers - awesome, Shrek 3 - Terrible but fun, Fantastic Four - terrible, but cool.
I worked a lot, and quite hard, which was a blast.
I went out a lot, danced alot, drank a little bit, flirted a lot.

Its been a busy period, without anything really happening, but hey, C'est La Vie.

I am trucking along quite well, and look forward to the rest of the year.


yep, thats about the size of it.

xox etc.

Jacob B
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Whats hot:

Hip Hop and String sections - awesome
Casey Stoner at the top of the MotoGP World Championship still - brilliant
Spanking one of my exams -neat
Getting at least a D for all my units - mint
My new hair cut - (even if I do say so myself)
Fiona - the sexy vet student
My bed, and the electric blanket on it
Rugby - and the associated weight loss, as well as the associated feeelings of manliness when I crash into someone huge and get hurt. :D

Whats not:

My POS car blowing up - $2K worth of damage.
Being so broke I think I'm going to die of starvation!
Work, and the lack thereof
Uni, and the exam period
My dicky neck and shoulder, which are currently complaining in loud measures about the playing of Rugby.

So, if anyone gives a shit, thats me in a nutshell at the moment. :D
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Find out what kind of classic dame you'd make by taking the Classic Dames Test.

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Dear 'Dark and Twisty Jacob,

You are not Dawson, or Meredith Grey, or any other television drama character.

Not every emotion has to be accompanied by a driving and searching monologue filled with life affirming or edifying witticisms.

Not every interaction requires a delicately prosaic and deeply enrichening and soul-deep truism.

You can say things like "Thank you, that made me feel good" in EXACTLY that sentence. There is no need to say "The abyss of my darkness has been replaced by the beacon of your Wella Bronze/Platinum 23 Hairdye and the shimmering radiance of your words" or any other such verbose, hyperbolic or grandiose piece of self-obsessed elitist drivel.

There is no need to make up words, words like 'hyperbolic'

This is just life.
You are just a person. A real person. A normal person. That brooding look you do? Yeah, No. Doesn't work. It makes you look constipated.

Now talk like a normal person and stop trying to make your life an entertaining and catharticaly confronting experience for some imaginary spectator.

Got it?

Talk normal.

Good boy.


Normal Jacob.
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Today is my birthday!!!

Massive thanks to everyone who came to my birthday drinks on Saturday night!

You guys ROCK and I had an awesome night!

Will tell more stories another time. :D

xo etc.

Jacob B
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1. Full name: Jacob and then some others...
2. Nicknames: Resist, Angry Jacob, Active Jacob
3. Eyes: Green, with some brown flecks
4. Height: 5' 7"
5. Hair: light brown
6. Siblings: One brother, three sisters... then 1 sister and three brothers i have never met.
7. Do u like to sing in the shower? Fuck Yes
8. Do u like to sing in the toilet? Maybe
9. Birthday: 22/05/82
10. Birth place: Here
11. Address: hahaha you're kidding right? < wss
12.Sex: Male..
13. Virgin? Rofl No < WSS
15. Have you ever cheated? No
16. Marital status: Single
17. Do you have a car? Yes.. sadly. I also have a bike (motor) which is bent.
18. What kinda car do you have/want: Bikes are better than cars
19. Movie: Beneath Clouds
20. Song: Heaps!
21. Band: Massive Attack
22. TV Show: House, Top Gear
23. Actor: Nicholas Cage
24. Actress: Rose Byrne, Isla Fischer
25. Food: Pasta
26. Number: 7
27. Cartoon: Simspsons (i know, im unoriginal)
28. Disney Character: I always kind of dug the little mermaid... i have no idea why.
29. Colour: Green
30. Do you plan on having children: Yes
31. Do you want to get married? Yes
32. How old do you want to be when you have your first child: Older than now, younger than 35
33. How old do you want to be when your married: I get the feeling i dont have much say in this, or the prior question actually..
34. Do you want to have kids before marriage: If it happens
35. How many kids do u want: as many as come
36. Do you have a b/f or g/f (who): No. I'm a bit sad like that. :(
37. Do you have a crush: Several. I'm a bit sad like that to.
38. Music/TV: Music
39. Guys/Girls: Girls
40. Green/Blue: Green
41. Pink/Purple: Purple.
42. Summer/Winter: Summer
43. Night/Day: Depends
44. Hanging Out/Chilling: punching dumb yanks who write stupid questions
45. Dopey/Funny: Funny.
46. Saying I Have: Everything is better with women
47. What school do u go to: Murdoch
48. Have you ever taken drugs: Yes..
49. What turns you on? edited stupid question. and the answer is intelligent women
50. How far would you go on a first date? i dont have rules or restrictions for that
51. The person you know who is no.1? Well, Nicky Hayden is right now. And he is a dick.
52. Which 5 people do you trust and are open with the most?: Not saying, those that arent on the list will get dark, and some of you will be surprised by who is
53. What do you think of soul mates? They exist!
54. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? Flirting how? Depends
55. What was the last thing u cried or was teary over? The Notebook. sad hey?
56. What's something about guys/girls you don't get? Thongs. Why wear them? They are wrong.
57. Are you happy? Happy enough
58. Why?: the world is a happy place
59. What's an object you can't live without? Phone
60. Love or lust: love... all the best lust is born of love anyway.
61. Silver or gold: Silver
62. Diamond or pearl: diamonds
63. Sunset or sunrise: Sunset
64. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: a little bit :)
65. Do you sleep with stuffed toys: no, i sleep with my cat.
66. Do you have any piercings?: Used to have an ear done.
67. What colour underpants are you wearing rite now? Black
68. What song are u listening to right now?
69. What are the last four digits of your phone number?
70. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon? Spain
71. Who do u want to spend the rest of your life with?
72. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: Eyes, legs, fashion sense. (im superficial)
73. Favourite sport: Motorsport!!
74. What makes you happy? smiling people, people in love, music, dancing.
75. What's the next c.d/s you're going to get? Going to re-buy the Morcheeba albumn
76. Do u wear contacts or glasses? Niether
78. Have u ever won any special awards? Yes
79. What are your future goals? Travel, journalism, racing my bike
80. Worst sickness u ever had? I was diagnosed bipolar, that sucked, but was wrong anywya, and glandular fever.
81. Which do you like Funny or Scary movies better? Both
82.On the phone or in person? In person always...it's more intimate
83. Hugs or kisses? Both...pucker up all of you!
84.What song seems to reflect you the most: Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees
85. If you died tomorrow whom would you leave everything you own to: My friends and family
86. Do u have any enemies? Yep
87. What is your greatest fear? Fear itself <wss 90. Have you ever been in love? Of course! 91. Ever met Santa? I've BEEN santa! 92. If E.T. knocked on your door holding up a peace sign and asked 2 use your phone what would u say? Hello 94. Do u have any pets? Yes..a ginger cat called Denka 95. What’s your email address? 96. Last time you were depressed? last year. that got interesting. 97. Are you an alcoholic? I have recently drastically cut my alchohol intake. 98. Do u want your friends to fill it in? Yeah of course! 99. How are you today? Suffering bouts of deep self doubt, but getting there, slowly but surely. I know, how very emo, but its not really, cause im trying to break out of the cycle...
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My birthday is Tuesday 22nd of May.

If you want to come to the Windsor on sat night from 8pm, to help celebrate, please do.

I will try to organise some food and the bali room etc.

(this is short notice, i just decided to do it now, and i havent checked if i can book the room yet, but the bar is big enuogh for us anyway)

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Leave a comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you like starting with that letter. Post them in your journal and give out new letters to your commenters in turn.

Linda312 gave me "M":

"M" hmmm

1. Motorbikes - single greatest thing ever. Proof that the world is inherently good.
2. Mangos - best fruit ever.
3. Motorbike - yep, i know, but it deserves two places.
4. Mountains - cause they have good roads for motorbikes
5. Music - all of it really, music makes the world seem even better when listened to on a motorbike
6. Mouths - mouths are for talking, tasting, teasing, touching, and kissing, mouths make people connect. (like when i connect with my motorbike)
7. Money - cause it helps be buy fuel, for my motorbike.
8. My friends - for keeping me sane..... when i cant ride my motorbike
9. Mammaries - because Im Jacob so you expect me to say it.
10. Mouthing off - im a shit head, i know it, you know it, its fun. I may as well admit it.


leave a comment get a letter.
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Updatey Time!

Boring bits first:
I am still broke.
I have been on a date or two, but nothing really promising, although, Sydney girl, (who left to work in Sydney) is coming back to Perth and has been emailing me! Of course, this is unlikely to go anywhere, but for now, I'm going to imagine it might, because that is fun.

Much less boring bits:
Some of my friends are suffering through some gear right now, I have been there, or somewhere similar, and I can feel for you, (i know that seems unlikely, but i do have a sense of where your at) and i am also here for you in every way you can think of.

And now on to me!!


I got to go to Barbagallo Raceway and cover the V8 Supercars for VMag! It was fantastic, and I seemed to really impress all the journos from over east who I was alongside in the media centre, I am unbelievably excited about it, and it may speed up me moving over east to break into the industry. I certainly think there is a place for me, and I was really ridiculously happy working all weekend doing what I absolutely love.

I can supply copies of Vmag4 and Vmag 5 (the ones i worked on) for anyone who wants them emailed to them. I would really love you to read my work and even comment on it.

Things in general are bouncing along really well for me right now. A lot of it is just a shift in attitude.

We are currently in at High St in freo. In the new building. The new furniture arrives soon and you will all have to see it. I was actually in here late on the sunday night the natinoal hotel burnt down, and got to watch it first hand. the firetrucks pulled up outside the office, and i went outside and WOOOMPAH!! building burning down. It was pretty exciting, though a little sad to.

To be honest. Thats about it. I thought i had more to say, but i dont.

I miss a lot of you who I dont see often enough.

But its not a sad thing, its kind of beautiful to know that I miss you, and that I will be excited to see you upon your return.

You people are stars.

Thanks a ton for everything. I love my life right now.

(and yes, there is a big fuck off Jacob B grin on my dial)

xo etc.

Jacob Mutha Huggin B
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